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Provision of Services for the Basic, Advanced and/or Thematic Courses for Teacher Professional Development on Catering for Students with Special Educational Needs for the 2021/22, 2022/23 and 2023/24 School Years


The Department of Special Education and Counselling (SEC) aims at providing professional support and training for teachers, teaching assistants, school personnel and rehabilitation service workers. Starting from the year 2007, the Education University of Hong Kong was commissioned by the Education Bureau of HKSAR to run a series of Basic/Advanced Course on Catering for Diverse Learning Needs, Thematic Course on Education of Students with Special Educational Needs to enhance the professional capacity of teachers in catering for students with SEN. In order to encourage the implementation and development of inclusive education in different sectors, SEC constantly organizes short-term training courses with different NGOs or schools from local, mainland and overseas.

SEC provides coordination and management in program development, administration support and quality control.

The Education Bureau is committed to implementing integrated education (IE) for students with special educational needs (SEN) who can benefit from education in ordinary schools. These Government-funded courses are approved by the Education Bureau with full-time block release.


  1. Basic Course on Catering for Diverse Learning Needs (online learning mode) (30 hours)
  2. Advanced Course on Catering for Diverse Learning Needs (72 hours)
  3. Thematic Courses on Supporting Students with SEN (60/72 hours)


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