The Anti-pandemic Measures of The Education University of Hong Kong

In order to safeguard the health and safety of the EDUHK community, the latest “Vaccine Pass” arrangement of the University with details listed below for your kind attention.

COVID-19 Vaccination / Testing

Starting from 31 March 2022 (Thursday), ALL Regular Campus Users* must have received at least TWO doses of recognized COVID-19 Vaccine in order to enter the Campus areas. In addition, THREE doses of recognized COVID-19 Vaccine must have been received with effect from 31 May 2022 (Tuesday). There will be a grace period for those who have received two doses within six months, but they are required to take the third dose within six months after receiving the second dose. For people who have recovered from COVID-19 infection, please refer to the latest announcement by the Government for the vaccination implementation arrangement.

Any Unvaccinated user is required to produce a valid medical certificate as proof of being unfit for vaccination as well as a negative COVID-19 test result produced within 3 days prior to the day of entry.

All Staff Members and Students are required to submit their vaccination, testing records and/or infection information via the online COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Record System ( For details and procedures, please visit the “Emergency Task Force Corner” on “The Portal” (

Use of “Leave Home Safe” App

ALL invited visitors entering the campus areas must USE the “Leave Home Safe” Mobile App and PRESENT the scanned QR code for entry i.e. a blue QR code WITH either Electronic Vaccination Record/ Exemption Certificate for inspection at the entry. NO entry to the campus will be allowed shall the person fail to present the confirmed QR code for inspection. The “Leave Home Safe” mobile app should be the updated version. You may visit the website ( for details.

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